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The Documents Archiving Unit depends mainly on entering all paper documents in the organization to the computer system through a connected scanner; the scanned document is then processed and saved to a working folder on the main server to allow all users to share the file information only if they are allowed to access it.

The Documents Archiving Unit in our D.Doc convert documents and information from paper to paperless by turning all information into digital data. Digital Data is always easier to be saved, stores, archived, maintained, edited, updated, deleted and restored than traditional paper documents. D.Doc provides a number of tools and options to edit images professionally without the need to use any external imaging applications, the archiving unit is supported with a professional imaging tools like: paint brush, fill tool, selection tool and so on .Also; D.Doc recognizes text which enables users to edit scanned documents through any word processing applications like Office Word easily.

The Documents Archiving Unit in our Digital Documents Management System is fully integrated with the Documents Management Unit which means that the archived documents will be easily shared between users and employees inside the organization, Also the unit provides complete reports and statistics about the archived and saved documents through D.Doc’s reporting Unit.

Documents Archiving Unit Key Features

  • Archives files with different types: documents, video, sound, or image.
  • Ability to scan incoming and outgoing faxes automatically.
  • Recognizes text in scanned documents to be edited easily using any word processing application.
  • Advanced imaging tools to edit image files easily through the system.
  • Compatible with all scanners.
  • Converts files and documents to electronic data could be easily saved, edited and searched about.
  • Ability to send the archived files using Fax or Email.
  • Complete security system to protect files and documents.
  • Automatic Backup options to save and restore the archived data when necessary.

The Documents Management Unit depends on managing and tracking the archived documents and information, the unit also provides a number of templates and forms to enable users to enter data and information much easier to the system and exchange them easily between the different departments.

Also, the Documents Management Unit handles incoming and outgoing faxes, mails and applications professionally, in addition to the tasks management tools available to track and monitor the employee’s performance to perform the required transactions on the archived documents.

To report performance, Status reports could be generated automatically from the reporting unit depending on the data available in the Documents Management Unit which stores detailed information about tasks, documents, users, files, and folders in the organization. The unit’s interface could be easily customized according to the user’s request to preview the tasks according to the task status, subject, responsible, type or department.

Documents Management Unit Key Features

  • Easy to be used with a friendly user interface
  • Compatible with the Documents Archiving Unit to share and exchange files in the system
  • Ability to add users and groups with different privileges easily
  • Advanced security system to save the incoming/outgoing applications information exchanged and shared between users
  • Available auto backup commands to restore all information and documents when necessary
  • All documents, data and information are available in one place – the main server – and are exchanged between the users through the main server
  • Stores the complete task’s history including: user name, date, time, and the comments for each task modification process
  • Document’s versioning information is stored also representing: user name, date and time of the modification process. The file could be easily restored to any required version.
  • Professional tracking interface to enable managers and supervisors from monitoring the employees easily.
  • Ability to track the tasks according to the status or the user name.
  • Automatic notifications for open tasks or applications.
  • Ability to send tasks and documents to users through email.
  • Ability to access the system from anywhere inside or outside the organization after entering the correct username/password.

The Reporting Unit in D.Doc was designed to enable users from extracting reports and statistics according to their requests, and because the reporting unit depends on the Data Warehousing techniques, data could be extracted reporting information for long periods; 10 years or more.

Examples of the reports could be generated from the reporting Unit:

  • Incoming application during a specific period
  • Outgoing applications during a specific period
  • Exchanged files about a specific period
  • User transactions during a specific period
  • Replies to a specific incoming application
  • Applications assigned to a specific user during a specific period
  • User performance during a specific period
  • The department’s response time to answer incoming/outgoing applications during a specific period
  • Status of incoming/outgoing applications in a specific department
  • Open incoming/outgoing applications

Examples of statistics could be generated from the reporting Unit:

  • Number of incoming/outgoing applications during a specific period
  • Number of incoming/outgoing applications and the average response time
  • Number of incoming/outgoing applications according to the subject
  • Number of incoming/outgoing applications according to the users
  • Number of incoming/outgoing applications according to the departments
  • The average time for a specific user to answer the incoming/outgoing applications
  • The increase in the incoming/outgoing applications in a specific subject
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- Provides the ability to access all documents and files at anytime from anywhere through the internet

- Advanced protection options to prevent accessing the system without the required username/password

- Flexible protection system to assign different users groups with different privileges

- Provides a number of reports and statistics according to the user’s request and needs

- Shares files and documents between users inside one department or in different departments easily

- Accepts digital signatures

- Ability to use internal or external storage media to save files and documents

- Auto backup system to backup the entire information saved by D.Doc automatically and according to the system administrator requests
medical record

- Shares files, tasks, documents and information easily between users

- Tracking system to track, monitor and control the employee’s response time to tasks or requests