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- Uses all advantages of Intel MCA

- Very easy to use: just few clicks with a tablet pen and the program generate the patient report automatically

- Assist and help doctor to examine, describe and diagnose patients in a structured way

- Work perfect on both Windows

- Specific sheet for each medical specialty

- Medical sheets could be customized according to the doctor request.

- Enable doctors to modify their sheets and create their own sheets with a very easy way

- Built in archiving module that reads from any scanner in case of doctor wants to add any external report or note to the patient's electronic
medical record

- DICOM viewer for imaging and PACS

- Online video conferences between doctors and nurses inside the hospital for better consultancy and interaction


- Barcode

– Connect (through internet) to international medical databases and knowledge bases for updated information to help doctors

- Send and receive generated patient report as mails

- Standalone (single doctor can use it) or integrated (can be used in a hospital and integrates with Digital Hospital solution)

- Levels of Security

- Auto adjust between landscape and portrait

- Multilanguage interface

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- Easy access & search of medical records through a friendly user interface

- Medical records could be retrieved through barcode scanning

- Systematic sequence for HPI and examinations to cover all the required steps

- Supports identifying of risk factors through the availability of social, medical and family history

- Instant notifications about allergies and drugs appear every time the patient record is retrieved

- Follow up of a specific disease in families through pedigree chart

- Co-morbid factors identification through system review

- Follow vital signs through friendly flow charts

- Diagnosis sequence according to international standards

- Systematic and documented plan of care for each patient

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- Proper follow up of the patient’s condition using SOAP analysis

- Easy selection of the proper investigation

- Provide doctors with contraindications and side effects of a specific drug, this knowledge could be transferred
then to the patient to identify any side effect that might occur

- Provide doctors with textbooks related to the doctor’s specialty, this allow doctors to search deeply for any required information

- Provide doctors with EBM guidelines with the ability to access defined EBM Sites to search easily about specific evidence

- Provide doctors with updated clinical international guidelines

- Doctors will be able to easily calculate different medical equations

- Doctors will be able to easily calculate different medical equations

- Provide a complete medical dictionary to translate and define medical terms

- Ability to retrieve and search of Standards

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- Availability of video conferencing component to facilitate the connection between expert and junior doctors.

- Automatic schedules for patients’ appointments are generated daily

- Alerts could be sent to patients about their investigation results or appointments using SMS or email.

- Supports better communication with patients through complete medical history and personal information,
this will help in avoid asking the patient same questions more than once

- Medical records will be saved forever with previous and current conditions and in a minimum space

- Doctors information are always available in the patient’s medical record for quick contact

- Allergies are highlighted at every access to the medical record to notify doctors

- Waiting time at the hospital will be decreased as the medical record is available all the time

- Comprehensive discharge notes are generated automatically

- Statistical data are always available about patients, diseases, hospital’s occupancy … etc.

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- All investigation and medical data could be handed to the patient in a softcopy form that doesn’t require much space.
This way the patient will always keep a copy of his X-Rays and investigation that could be used for any reason

- Medico legal part is covered completely as all data entered or extracted are recorded with the doctor’s name and signature.
Drug prescriptions will be confirmed as well to identify dose and frequency that caused a major side effect if any appeared

- Supports in avoiding wrong prescriptions for patients with allergies to specific medications or drugs

- Ability to exchange electronic medical records with other consultants